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This blog was about my studies in Web Design. I’ll wrote about my journey to a new skill. I have now gratuated. What I do with this blog, is still unsure. Still enjoy your stay.

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Life after web design education

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Hi, there. Long time no see. I’ve been neglecting this blog for my other one, In my world. But also because I didn’t really know what to do with this blog after my web design education ended. I still don’t know but I’ll keep it updated from time to time. It won’t be that often though.

So I’m back to job search again and I admit, I hate it. Never like it either. I’m been turning orange for thinking what to do next. I’m very slow when comes to decisions. I’ve searched the internet about web design business etc. It feels like I’m old compared to all those young hopefuls who’s been doing design for years. At least I’ve had client work so I’m not a total novice. Thoughts keep creeping into my mind that I’m not fit for it after all. I haven’t designed anything since school ended. Soon I’ll forget about coding and such. Maybe I shouldn’t write this on this blog but I’m very lazy when it comes to practice. I want to do something in design. An ordinary job is not for me. Maybe I’m just unmotivated because I can’t find a job that could suit me.

I’m not a risk taker and if I do, it takes a long time to pick up the courage to start anything. Especially when it comes to making a living. Looking what’s out there on the open market, making it on my own looks more tempting. If I search for a job in other places, they have their requirements about who they’re looking for. Then you have to impress them in your cover letters and resumes. I’m not very good at describing myself in words. When I search for web designer jobs, web developing jobs appear. I’m not a developer, I’m a designer who can code but just a bit. I think it’s strange that the tag is ‘web designer’ but the job is still ‘web developer’ Then there are visual, UI and UX designer. There’s just so much out there so I don’t really know how to call myself anymore. I’m definitely not a front-end or back-end developer. It’s too advanced for me and that’s not what I want to do.

Creating your business is easier. It’s the finding clients and putting yourself out there that requires the hardest job. As an introvert, networking doesn’t come naturally. I don’t know if I have the nature of being self-employed. My father is but he got that never give up attitude. I give up too easily. Sometimes I’m excited about something but that doesn’t take long. It’s easier just to be and do what’s fun but that doesn’t pay the bills. I’m not the one who wants to be out of a job the rest of my life. I have thought about becoming a light entrepreneurship. That’s a good way to try how it is to be self-employed. What worries me the most is, am I good enough so people will choose me to their projects? I put my work on Behance and online in general but I don’t get many likes. So the whole promoting your work on social media is a lot of nonsense to me. It hasn’t helped me much. I don’t get much reaction from social media on my personal account so how will it work on the business side?

They teach things in school about the basics of web design (or any design school) but they don’t teach you how to market yourself. They don’t teach you how to find clients either. Thankfully the internet is full of different tips. What’s so great about web design is that you’re never ready. There’s always something you can learn. I still want to do web design but I also want to do more than just that. I told myself it was enough of education but I did apply for another education but in graphic design. I don’t know if I get in but it doesn’t matter if I don’t. I’ve already had a basic examination in graphic design but that was in 2011 so things have changed since then. The education is just part-time so if I get a job, I can still go there. I want to do both photography, web and graphic design. They all different and yet the same. I like versatility and if I only did one thing, I would get bored. I mostly want to do digital design. I learn better if someone says what to do, so a school is a better choice than being self-taught. For some, it might work but I’m not patient enough to study alone.

I don’t want to be rich, I want to have enough so I don’t need to be hungry. Whatever I chose to do, I’ll know I’ll do it as well as I can. Whatever I’ve studied has never been in vain. I’ll always find a positive side of everything. Some things happen for a reason and maybe the design is my reason. When I do find what I’m gonna do next, I’ll get rid of the orange colour of my thoughts.



A web designer, yes I am
You need inspiration to be one
It’s not just about coding, it’s about finding the right niche
Get inspiration of what you like
Find it on the street or the closest park
Get inspiration of other sites
Colours, layouts, fonts and everything in between
Photos are good when you take them yourself
Find inspiration from within and share it
Make others happy with your design and leave the negative behind
Web design is a way of living
The inspiration comes when you at least need it

I passed the test!

I passed

Today is the day when I can happily say, I passed the final exam of my web design education 🙂 I wasn’t sure if my presentation would have been good enough. It wasn’t as bad as I thought at first. The evaluators were really easy-going and they gave me good advice. I would have been satisfied with just getting the preparatory training certificate but the qualification one is even better. It makes me feel I have achieved something. Even if I had difficulties, I still managed to get through them. But there’s no use of all these certificates if you can’t get a job.

That’s the next step I have to take again. I already applied to a few but I don’t think I’m qualified for those jobs. There’s no harm in applying though. It just shows you’re not being lazy. Finding a place as a web designer near your hometown is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Both of those jobs I applied for are in Helsinki area. The other option to get a job is self-employment but that’s not for everyone. I have considered that too but it’s a lot of work. It does tempt me because then I can do things at home. It’s the other stuff that I don’t want to go through. It’s riskier than working for someone else. I really liked the time when we had on the job learning thing. I learned to think on my own. I felt freer and I didn’t have to work from 9 am to 5 pm. I could do the work from 3 pm to something else. I could do everything in my own time. There was a deadline when to get the work done so I couldn’t really be lazy whenever I wanted. Now it’s a little different because now I have to know what to charge the future clients.

Another thing could be self-employed or freelancer, if you like, is to find clients. That’s where the work is and also you have to sell your soul.  I mean your skills. It’s difficult if you’re just starting out. What I like the least is networking. Online it’s easier but you also need to meet people in real life. At least that’s what I read about. For an introvert it’s hell. I handled all my clients through emails and it took a while before I got a reply but yet I got it done. It could be the same for real too. There’s also a chance to become a light entrepreneur where you don’t need to have a business. All the paperwork are done for you. That could be a good way to try your wings on freelancing. The easiest way would be trying to get a job somewhere but if that’s not gonna happen, then it’s their loss. One thing is for sure and that’s not having a job at all. Going to school is not an option either.

This is the first time in my life that I can actually say what I do. I’m a web designer, yes I am. What is left is to get a job where I can make a living out of it. It’s time to put these new skills to action.








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