Taking baby steps in web design

Buckets in the sand

When you learn something new it feels like being a child again. Even though coding is not exactly new to me I’m still in the beginning. Especially when it comes to CSS. I’m quite impatient. I want to know everything now so I can make real websites. But when I really start trying I get confused. I get lost where what code to put where. In school we use Dreamweaver but at home I don’t have it. I downloaded Notepad++ but it’s not the same. There you have to write everything yourself. Even putting a photo there seems impossible. Practise makes perfect but I can’t really do since I don’t have the other coding programs. Notepad seems to be a pain. There are a lot of different platforms to make websites (like WordPress.org) but I think Dreamweaver is the best. I just have to use what I have at the moment.

So far we’ve only been through basics but next week we’re gonna make a real website. We’re gonna be both a customer and a web designer. It will be good practise. We’re using the knowledge we have so far. I think being a customer is more difficult. My ideas are mostly bad. I wouldn’t know what I would want in a websites if I was a customer. It’s not easy to be a web designer either when you don’t feel confident you can make anything. We learned JavaScript and I already hate it. I really hope I don’t have to make any. Even one misspelled word can malfunction the whole thing. You have to be really accurate when you code that. The whole JavaScript will probably be used less and less anyway in the future. Besides there are other people who makes them. At least we learned how it works.

Besides coding we had photo editing this week. That’s something I’ve learned when I studied photography so it was familiar to me. There’s always something new to learn. We don’t have much photography since the education is based on coding and making websites. When photos are online, the editing doesn’t require to be as perfect as when you print them. One of the reasons why I chose this course was because photography and web design go together so well. I really hope I’m gonna start loving coding as much as I love photography. There’s still a lot to learn but I’ve already know so much more than I did before this education. Next week photography and editing continues. It already feels it’s gonna be a lot of fun.





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