Slog web design here and now

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It’s been a difficult week in CSS and HTML land for me. It started with photography. That’s much easier. Since I’ve studied it before it’s optional but I don’t mind being on it. We took portraits of each other (not me since I’m camera-shy) with different exposures and such. A pro photographer taught us. Personally I feel uncomfortable taking photos of people. There’s so much you have to consider and then you have to talk to your models. I rather taking photos of things you don’t need that much social skills. Apparently a web designer should take the photos themselves. I really hope I don’t have to if it’s of people. If it’s nature, architecture and that sort of thing, then we’re talking.

Rest of the week we had coding. We make them from scratch so no templates there. We made a real website. With pretended clients, which was ourselves. It’s not much fun when you confuse things. I feel like web designing is not a skill I’ll learn. My class mates seem to get it much better than I do. I try to solve the coding issues myself but it just doesn’t stick in my head. Not even the papers we got helps. Maybe I’m just getting old and learning it’s not the way it used to. It’s like I’m slow. Even making the base took days. When I write down the code I think it should be then it doesn’t work. The teacher had to help me a lot. It was math tutoring all over again. In web design you have to count the pixels to make them fit in the frame and other things to think about. It will be a hard slog here and now. At the moment it feels impossible to learn anything but since I did get the website finished, there is hope. Like our teacher said, coding is like learning to ski or learning to ride a bike. You fall but get up again. It’s been a month now and I know more than I did before this education.

Fortunately coding from scratch is not the only way to make websites. It’s good to know it to understand what it’s all about. Before I didn’t know much about what the source code was but now when I look at it, it makes more sense. We’re gonna have about WordPress later which I’m quite excited about. It’s like this blog except there’s so much more. That’s something I know I can do. There will be hair pulling and cursing to myself when things won’t work but it can’t be as irritating as working with Dreamweaver. This week it wasn’t as fun as I thought but it can’t always be fun. Rome wasn’t build in a day so there’s no need to panic if things feel difficult right now. I just have to learn patience and things will become easier.










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  1. I’ve been designing websites as a side hobby for many years now, and it can definitely feel like a slog from time to time. I think it’s great that you’re sticking with it, though. Web design can be a tough but very rewarding (if not just in the personal enjoyment category) skill. Best of luck!


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