Light in the room

First site I made

This week we had Lightroom. I tried it before but I didn’t get it. We went through the basics. Before I thought it would be difficult but it’s actually quite easy.  It’s a bit different from Photoshop. I do get why pro photographers use Lightroom. I especially like the feature where you can compare before and after photos which Photoshop doesn’t have. Lightroom is also great for editing RAW photos. Photoshop also have that but there you can only edit one at a time. I still prefer it though. Both editing programs are useful. There’s a lot of difference between the two. For example, in Lightroom you work with catalogs and the other with layers. I’ve used Photoshop for years so I’m used to it. Maybe I learn to love Lightroom too. I just need more practise.

We continued with coding with Dreamweaver. I still feel I’ll never learn. The one you see in the photo in this post is the first site I made with codes. I used to have website that I made with Microsoft Frontpage but that was ages ago. It’s still practise so there’s a lot of Lorem Ipsum text. We started another assignment. We learned how to code links under other links in navigation. Like if there’s a subject like photos and then there are other categories under that. I can’t explain it in English. Another thing we learned was how to make a pop-up window to get a bigger photo. That was the easy part. What caused me problems was with the link thing. I just couldn’t figure out how to get them right. I tried to find a solution by myself but it just made me frustrated. Every time I tried it didn’t work.  Something always went wrong but I just couldn’t find the problem. Even if I had codes on paper, I still couldn’t do it by myself. I just got confused so I had to ask help from the teacher.

When I finally got it right, I was so relived. But also concerned. How can I do any sites without anyone’s help when I can’t even do a practise? In November we’re gonna have work place learning for a month where we should make a real site to a client. With my skills I can’t never do it. First of all, trying to find someone brave enough and the other how to get a site done in the first place. Coding is just too hard for me. Maybe WordPress would be easier. I won’t know until we’re gonna learn that. I’ve tried to practise coding by myself but somehow I’ve forgotten them. At this time I feel frustrated and helpless. This feeling won’t last forever. I need to focus. If I’ve learned another language than I’m gonna learn coding too.

We got our first real homework. Our assignment is to be our own client. We should plan a website for a made up company. There should be real text and real photos. We should do this at home but I only have Notepad++ and it’s too difficult to make anything decent. I probably have to use Dreamweaver at school. Or I could download the free trial on Creative Cloud. The teacher said I should download Kompozer. I already tried that but I thought it was too difficult. Whatever decision I make, I’ll get the assignment done.





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