Rejected blog and back again

fly agaric

I have rejected this blog for a while but I have good reasons. First of all, the internet in school didn’t work so we couldn’t get online. Secondly, it’s been quite busy. We had to get a website ready and that’s been a struggle for me but I made it somehow. We started with HTML5 so there’s been something new to learn as well.

We also started with Illustrator which I’ve had before when I studied graphic design in 2009-2011. It’s always been my least favourite Adobe program. Drawing haven’t been my strongest point either. To tell you the truth, my drawing sucks. Drawing on a computer is probably much better to do but still I don’t like it much. In web design you don’t have to know how to draw. You can pay someone else to do it.

Web design is just only about making websites. It’s also about copyrights and teamwork. We were in two groups. We would search for information about Finnish copyright societies and then present it in front of the class in a PowerPoint presentation. I’ve always dreaded public speeches and such. I’m not as nervous as I used to be but still I rather not do it. It’s easier when there are only a few people and you know them. I just wanted to get it over with. I was glad the moment was done.

Tomorrow we’re gonna have Illustrator again. The class is going to be in the evening. We were suppose to practise but I haven’t. I do have the Adobe programs but I haven’t downloaded that one yet. I’m not sure if I have enough memory left in the laptop to do so. But since I already know how to use it, I don’t really need to practise. I can always do that in school. Maybe I learn to like it one day. It always depends on the teacher if he/her can teach it right.

There’s still one week left until we have a week of self-studying. When other’s are on holiday, we have to study and do assignments. Sounds like fun. There’s more. We also have to plan our portfolio. How much time do you really need to plan something like that? All you have to do is collect assignments you have done so far and that’s it. That’s easy. But what is not easy is to find someone to make a website for.

Next month (14.11- 11.12.2016) we are supposed to have an on-the-job learning. But I don’t think I can make a site without help. I have no relatives nor friends to ask if I could make them one. Social media have never helped me much. I know a place where I could ask but I’m not very optimistic if they’ll take me. I don’t know how much web design they do. It’s a marketing agency so at least they have web developers there. Even if I don’t get it, at least I tried. If I did, I would be very pleased. Learning is what I want and what’s better than a company that does give me the opportunity. Fingers crossed.




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