On the job learning begins

So 3 weeks has passed and I finally got to post on this blog. I don’t even remember what we had done is school. There were Illustrator at least. I actually started to like it a bit. I made the layout examples in the post banner with it. I have the CC version and it’s a bit different from the school version which is CS6. I think you really can learn to draw with the program if you really put your mind to it. I used to dislike it and it was probably because I didn’t get it. I do get in now. I wish coding would be the same.

On the job learning starts next Monday and it will end in December 11. I had 4 client but I chose two. I’m really coming out of my comfort zone. Before I was terrified of speaking to people I didn’t know. Now I’m more relaxed. I have to come out of my shell if I want to do web design.
Coding is still really difficult. Now I have to do it all by myself. The teacher is not allowed to help. I’m on my own now. I don’t only have to do work for clients but I also have to make a report of it. Like in TV shops, wait there’s more. I also have to fill up 35 hours per week and then write a diary what I have done. Sounds like a lot and all my free time is gone. Maybe.

I thought I never find any clients but I put an ad in a freelancer site. It took a while but I still got 4. Unfortunately one of them had their email wrong so I couldn’t get in touch with them. But 2 is enough. I still don’t have a contract with them but hopefully next week I will. I really hope I won’t lose a nerve. Before when I did a practise, I cried and I cursed because I couldn’t get anything right. Fortunally the clients understand that I’m still learning and doesn’t want to make it too difficult. I’m both excited and terrified. At least I don’t have to go school in a month.

We had about WordPress this week. You would think it’s easier to make websites with a CMS (content management system) but it’s not. You still need to use CSS if you want to change things. You also need to know how to find themes and tools. On this blog version you don’t have to. At least not in this free one. Knowing code helps you understand the concept. Before coding was all mambo jumbo to me but now I see websites in a different way. We also had about different web hosts and domains. I think I like WordPress better but that’s probably of the blog version. I know how to work it out. The downside is that the website version is a database so you have to download it on your computer before you can start creating a site. You also need to download Wamp server so that’s another hard drive filler. Once that’s done, you can work on the site anywhere you want.

So another chapter of this web design education begins. Only time will tell how it goes. I just have to take advantage of what I’ve learned so far and learn something new by myself. I have to stay calm and not panic if problems occur because there’s always a solution. All you have to is know how to find them. Wish me luck because I need it.


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