Back to web designing in 2017


Learning web design is not only about learning to code. It’s also photos, graphics and other creative things. After learning PHP coding, it was time for something else for a change. Finally something I know something about, InDesign. Last time I used it was about 6 years ago when I studied graphic design. I’ve done a book cover and designed a page for a school magazine. It was such a long time I ago I used the program last so a repeat was in order. Besides Photoshop, InDesign is my second favorite Adobe CC program.

On the job learning ended alright. I didn’t finish it but the client was happy with I did which is encouraging. There’s one more later on in the spring. I have to find a new client again. Even better if there’s more than one. This time I hope I get one who wants a web site made with WordPress because coding was a pain for me. This on-the-job learning is very important. It will be the one that will get me qualified to be a web designer. If I fail, all I have is a diploma. It’s the same if I wasn’t graduating from high school. I only do it for myself so I really want to pass this education. You can become a web designer without vocational qualification but it helps. Especially in Finland where your chances are slimmer if you don’t have any. Yet it doesn’t guarantee you a job.

So there’s a lot at stake in this education. There’s still a lot to learn even if it’s half way already. It’s only for year. InDesign has been a lot of fun and going back to coding is gonna be weird. We also have to do a portfolio of our work that can be shown online so I need to get an own domain. Gathering material to a portfolio is the easiest part. It’s the making websites that is the biggest challenge. Finding clients and so on. I’m a bit worried of that. Last time wasn’t easy and this is something I don’t look forward to it. We’ll see what 2017 brings.







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