Class magazine in the making

classmagNew year, new tricks. With InDesign you can do a lot of different things. We started with making a brochure. We could decide what kind of folding model we wanted and what kind of company it could be for. It could also be imaginative event or whatever you liked. It didn’t have to have real text. The point was that we would practise with the different tools and what kind of possibilities you have with the program. It’s the planning that takes time even if it was just practise. That’s why we’re here, to learn.

Last week we made a class magazine on InDesign. We all did our own version. We wrote our own material too. I’ve done a layout before but that was only 4 pages. Now I had to make a whole magazine and that’s a totally different situation. It’s much more fun than coding. Web design is not only about making websites. You need other skills too. It suits me very well since I like variety and I can do a lot of other creative things. I’m almost finished with my version of the mag but there’s always something that prevent me to make it. The only thing that is left is the table of content. We went through it during class but now when I try to make it, I don’t know how. I tried to find a solution online but I can’t find any good ones. It’s really frustrated to study by yourself when you can’t ask the teacher. I hope this problem won’t happen when it’s time to have on the job learning again. You can’t find everything on the internet.

There will always be problems but you live and learn. You have to find a solution and when you do, you can do it better next time. I might not become the greatest in the world when it comes to making magazine layouts but having that skill does help. I just hope I won’t take some graphic designers job 🙂 If this web design won’t bear fruit, maybe one of my other skills will. It’s been a relief to do something else besides coding. I hope I haven’t forgotten that. It doesn’t feel like being a web design student since we’ve done nothing but that.
Today and tomorrow we’re having language planning and writing for the web which is very important too. Finnish really isn’t an easy language. It causes problems even for me sometimes. Rest of the week, we’re having photo editing. Months fly by quickly. I wish I could edit myself so I would learn faster but I guess that’s a loss cause.


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