Being photoshopping

photoshopped buckets
Made with Photoshop CS6

In photo editing you’re never finished. You always learn something new and different methods. For me photoshop is the more familiar photo editing program. There are others like Gimp which is free but when you’re used to using Photoshop, you’ll never go back. If I want something done very quickly I use PicMonkey but other times, I use that one.

Last week we had photo editing all week and it ended today. We had Lightroom and then Photoshop. In school we have CS6 but it’s not much different from the newer versions. They all similar, it only depends what you need and how to use it. We learned for example how to put text in a photo, reflections to a text, patterns on a photo, clipping masks etc. We also practised doing banners. One thing is to know what kind of tools there is and the other how to master them. That’s why practise is very important. Even if photo editing is familiar to me, a repeat is always in order. Today we had a little about 3D in Photoshop even though it’s not in the education plan. There are other programs where you can do them that are much better. But if you only want to make something simple, the Photoshop one is enough. Making things in 3D is a totally different world.

We haven’t only done photo editing but also learning Finnish grammar. Even if we live here, there’s always difficulties. I’m not surprised at all that foreigners have problems with learning the language. Talking and writing is two different things. You have to know where to put commas and so on. I’ve had troubles with that since Finnish-Swedish is my mother tongue. Last but not least. We have an assignment where we work in pairs. One is the client and the other is the web designer. Then visa versa. It’s a made up bakery and confectionery business and the site will be made with WordPress, so it’s a real site. We interviewed each other and then we would write a history about the make up story based on the interview. Then we should make a banner and a logo. That’s next on the agenda. It’s good practise for the future. Making web sites is not something you do in a day. There’s a lot of planning and hair pulling before it’s finished. You don’t make a web site to yourself nor the client. You make it for the customers. They’re the one’s using the site. That’s a story for another day.


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